Photo Booth

Events and parties are all about having fun and if you’re looking to take your fun to the next level you should consider adding our Photo Booth to your event! 

Our Photo Booth is the best of both worlds, people enter a booth but they are still visible to the other guests so everyone enjoys the excitement. Something special happens when people “enter our Photo Booth”. They express themselves in a very unique way and it is all captured by our high quality digital camera. We keep a wide array of hilarious props handy for people to play with in their pictures. Having the opportunity to take multiple photos makes it even more like the classic, old time carnival Photo Booth. There is a great variety of photos as the guests have a few seconds in between shots to change their poses. We also have other formats besides four images for the photos and printed output.

It may be classic in style but there’s a modern twist to it in that all photos are stored digitally with options of sharing. The experience of holding a real photo in your hand is brought back in a special way when the photo strip is handed to the guest after they leave the Booth–these are ‘selfies’ taken to the next level! They love it!

And there is a permanent memory option! At the end of the event the host can choose to receive a physical signed photo album of photos taken that night.  

We hope you’ll add Photo Booth to your event!