I started in the entertainment industry at a young age and have continued on that path through to today.  It is my passion.  Being a part of the fun and happiness that is brought to so many people through performance events is extremely rewarding.

As a DJ/Entertainer, Master of Ceremonies and Musician, I have done literally thousands of events over the course of my career.  It is this combination of various roles and numerous different events which places me in a position to offer a quality, diverse presentation that will truly be unique every time

Creating the proper event centered around the specific requests and vision of the client is my focus. I also enjoy contributing to all phases of the planning with new and interesting ideas. I've found that each event has a life of it’s own and it is fun to bring out that uniqueness using proper music selection, just the right amount of interaction and professional staging.  Working with people to develop each event is fun, and surprisingly to clients, it can be easy.

As a seasoned entertainer you come to realize it is not about “being the performer” as is it about the people you are working for and entertaining.  People can tell when they are being appreciated and considered, it allows them to be themselves and have fun. The people are the party, I just help them along.

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