Weddings on Hilton Head Island and in the Low Country are the most beautiful events ever! I take great pride in being selected to be a part of someone’s wedding and I bring all of my experience and expertise into every event.

There are so many details involved in planning a wedding! When considering the music and entertainment, couples are now more aware than ever that this is one of the most important parts of the event.

I enjoy taking the time and making the effort to find out what is most important to couples concerning their choice of music and the feel of the event. Being able to create and accommodate these specific requests while adding suggestions, fresh ideas and direction makes each event unique, fun and most of all, easy!

All of the details will be considered in advance so that on the day of the event it is just a matter of fine tuned execution. That is where the experience takes over and the seamless flow of the evening moves on.  Many couples say that it just went so smooth that it felt like it went too fast.

The Ceremony
This is another opportunity to enhance the experience. Using just the right music along with microphones and a sound system for the ceremony is now a standard in the wedding experience. Being able to hear all the beautiful words during the ceremony is something not to be overlooked. With the advance of technology this can be accomplished in new and exciting ways. Additionally, I can provide a professional remote sound system with music and microphones for beach, ocean deck and residential ceremonies.

The Rehearsal Dinner
Why not try something “different” for the rehearsal dinner?  There are fun “interactive” ways that the rehearsal dinner can become quite the event itself! This is a time for bringing people together and getting to know each other.  The interactive events I provide do just that; and everyone will be enjoying the the fun and companionship. These “events” are professionally produced and provide a whole new set of memories while bridging the gap between families and friends.  Please ask about the various options and details including our recent ability to provide a really fun photo booth at your reception or rehearsal dinner.